"The degree to which you resist is the degree to which you are free."
Utah Phillips
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Welcome to Takku!

Takku is a do-it-together media project, that aims, with the power of words, to encourage unmediated and autonomous revolt against the present (self)destructive reality - independent from parties, unions and NGOs.

The purpose of Takku is to generate action, discussion and critique, not create dogmatic ideology. We want to further the grass roots antiauthoritarian activities of free and equal individuals without providing space for those who try to gain power. Hence we will not publish and will remove all racist and sexist shit, promotion of political parties or their youth organisations, as well as all kinds of North Korea and ecofascism hype.

Anyone who agrees with this can participate in creating content by sending pieces of news or anything else that can be published in article form. Articles and news from other media can be sent to the English language discussion forum.

Takku's main purpose is to serve as a news portal and communication channel not only between people who speak the Finnish language but also between those who speak Finnish and (for now, unfortunately only) the English speaking world. However, we encourage you to translate our texts from Finnish (or these English translations) into whatever languages you or your media project speaks.

Ideas for developing the site are very welcome in the English language forum, or by email to kollektiivi (a) takku dot net.

The material published in Takku does not necessarily represent the collective, its individual members, or any social movement or ideology. The published articles represent only their writers and creators, be they anonymous or not.

Anti-copyright. Every picture, sound and piece of text that you might want to use is yours. Use it as you please without asking for permission.

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Antinuclear resistance in Pyhäjoki, Finland – join the struggle!


For our english-speaking friends everywhere, a longer report about the events so far:


The Fennovoima Energy Company is starting to construct a nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki, a nice, quiet and small municipality in the northwest of Finland. An action camp has been started in the area to stop the project.

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From Pyhäjoki to Hambach, solidarity in resistance against capitalistic destruction!


All around the world we are experiencing the destruction of nature in the name of capitalism. And all around the world we witness how the resistance against greedy elites is rising to defend our vital natural environments and wildlife.

Since years an ancient forest in Hambach, Germany is being occupied by the resistance movement to stop coal mining and the destruction of the forest. The resistance has won many battles there. Now in Finland a similar struggle is occurring. A lovely forest on the northwest coast has been cut down, on the Hanhikivi cape in Pyhäjoki. The goal of the irresponsible capitalists: building a nuclear power plant.

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INVITATION: Antinuclear protest camp started early in Pyhäjoki, Finland

The clearcutting of the forest where Fennovoima wants to build their nuclear power plant was originally subcontracted to Stora Enso, but they dropped the deal because of strategical disagreement: Fennovoima wanted the cutting to start in April, even though the relevant permits are still in process and not legally ratified; Stora Enso, which has faced public scrutiny and resistance around the world, wanted to wait until the paperwork was properly in legal order. To keep to their schedule and get rid of the forest before regulated bird nesting periods, Fennovoima replaced them with finnish company L&T Biowatti Oy, which got to work destroying the area as soon as the deal was signed on the 16th of April.

Now two weeks later the clearcutting is almost finished, and it’s a local ecological catastrophe. Moose, hares, and other local wild animals have fled to the small remaining strip of forest on the peninsula, from where it’s difficult for them to get away. Rare birds have also lost their homes and habitats. At least the nest of the white-backed woodpecker, endangered in the Nordic countries, has been destroyed; the sea eagle’s nest is hopefully still in its tree, but dozens of machines destroyed its immediate neighbourhood.

Apparently nuclear companies are high above the law. Acts which normal people would go to jail for become state-approved economical development.

It’s impossible to say if a company so loved by the State can be defeated, but it’s hard to stay human if one doesn’t at least try. When following the developments through Facebook, the situation might seem hopeless, but when you actually are in the place that needs defending, it helps you understand that there is much more you can do than clicking news headlines. And finding the agitated animals, driven from the destroyed forest to the edge of the cape, makes you understand the true cost of the megalomaniacal pipe dreams of big industry.

At least for now we still have something to defend. The shining sea and the sand beaches between the cliffs give inspiration and strength to continue fighting. If there would be enough of us, it would be possible to enjoy these places in the future too; even the forest still has the chance to grow back. The other alternative is that in a decade, the shoreside idyll is replaced with an industrial harbor from where radioactive fuel is hauled to the nuclear plant. If something would happen to go badly wrong in this NPP, the whole Bothnian bay region would be an evacuated and deserted radioactive zone.

Remember, nuclear power plants aren’t built in social media; they aren’t stopped there either.

A cozy and warm-spirited camp awaits you at Hanhikivi cape.

Phone: +358 46 6286768 Email: fenstop at riseup . net

More info: http://hyokyaalto.net/
(blog contains pictures and finnish reports of actions so far; english translations might be available later.)

How to get there:

Summer protest camp: http://hyokyaalto.net/people-power-against-nuclear-power-antinuclear-action-camp-june-8th-21th-2015/

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Poland: Antifrontex days 19-22 may, 2015

On May, 21st, 2015 the crème de la crème of European racism will gather in Warsaw, Poland, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of one of the most influential meta-organisations that guards assets of the Fortress Europe. The organization, not widely known, until recently standing in the shadows, is a hybrid of border police and intelligence service, as well as aggressive promoter of anti-migrant policy. Frontex (from french Frontieres exterieurs), being discussed here, is the executive body of EU (anti)migration policy – enjoys autonomy in decision-making (for EU foreign policy), and has a yearly growing budget, which is not accounted. This budget is used to finance futuristic projects, straight from dystopia, like an automatic system of land drones, known as TALOS project, carried out in cooperation that included Warsaw University of Technology, Israeli Aerospace Industries and a lot of other military corporations. The trust also allows them to conduct their own foreign policy on migration – dealing with the neighboring dictatorships (Belarus, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria), sponsoring and organizing repression against refugees in a secure buffer zone, which blurs responsibility. As a result, the border of Europe moves farther away from the ‘old continent’, helping to hide the effects of this policy from the eyes of Europeans. Sponsored camps in the countries of the global south and ruthless anti-human migration policy of the EU countries result in real victims – tens of thousands of people drown, starve, are left at sea or desert, or are directly shot – every year more than at the Berlin wall in the entire time of its existence.

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SEE ALSO: INVITATION: protest camp started early!

Fennovoima energy company intends to start to build a new nuclear power plant at the ecologically valuable Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki, Northern Ostrobothnia of Finland. Join us to stop the construction of the 100 000 year lasting problem, at its beginning!

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Anti-Capitalist May Day Carnival in Helsinki 1.5.2015

We will celebrate May 1st with an anti-capitalist DIY event. We meet at 11:30 a.m. in Tokoinranta, Ympyrätalo's side, where we will start the march toward Dallapé park. You'll recognize us from flags and banners.

Bring also your own banners, flags, May Day masks and other carnival stuff. It's freestyle all the way. You're welcome in a ski mask, too. However, let's keep the event free of authoritarian and nationalist symbols as well as party political symbols.

We want to have a safe event in which all can participate regardless of how they will march; walking or biking, with a stroller or a wheelchair, or in any other way you prefer to.

The march will end in Dallapé park, where we'll have a carnival with music, food, info tables and other program. A more accurate program will be out soon. Stay tuned!

The only good party is an anarchist May Day party!

For us, May 1st is not the “Day of Finnish Labour”, but an international day of anti-capitalist celebration. Elections come and go, but the political and economic decisions affecting everybody’s lives continue to be made by a small elite. They gain all the profits and privileges, and by voting, we only ever get new bosses to replace the old ones. We want to abolish the social distinction between bosses and subordinates entirely.

Last year, just holding a black flag was an excuse for being fined, arrested, and attacked by riot police. But we won't be silenced by intimidation! We will march with joy in our minds and flags held up high. Together we can take care of one another, even if the police tries to intimidate us during the celebration. Anti-capitalist celebration is for everyone of us, regardless of one's background or life situation.

Let's take care of one another, guarantee our safety together, and look after other participants. Be there and bring your friends! See you on May Day!
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Attack against fur shop

On 1.4. in Helsinki, Finland, fur shop Turkisateljee Aira Arffman's locks were glued, windows were broken and a smoke grenade was thrown into the shop.

In solidarity with hunger strikers in Greece!

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