"Missä on valtaa, ei ole vapautta."
Pjotr Kropotkin
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Welcome to Takku!

Takku is a do-it-together media project, that aims, with the power of words, to encourage unmediated and autonomous revolt against the present (self)destructive reality - independent from parties, unions and NGOs.

The purpose of Takku is to generate action, discussion and critique, not create dogmatic ideology. We want to further the grass roots antiauthoritarian activities of free and equal individuals without providing space for those who try to gain power. Hence we will not publish and will remove all racist and sexist shit, promotion of political parties or their youth organisations, as well as all kinds of North Korea and ecofascism hype.

Anyone who agrees with this can participate in creating content by sending pieces of news or anything else that can be published in article form. Articles and news from other media can be sent to the English language discussion forum.

Takku's main purpose is to serve as a news portal and communication channel not only between people who speak the Finnish language but also between those who speak Finnish and (for now, unfortunately only) the English speaking world. However, we encourage you to translate our texts from Finnish (or these English translations) into whatever languages you or your media project speaks.

Ideas for developing the site are very welcome in the English language forum, or by email to kollektiivi (a) takku dot net.

The material published in Takku does not necessarily represent the collective, its individual members, or any social movement or ideology. The published articles represent only their writers and creators, be they anonymous or not.

Anti-copyright. Every picture, sound and piece of text that you might want to use is yours. Use it as you please without asking for permission.

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Dortmund, Germany: Antimilitarism Campaign, 1–3 August 2014


Today as 100 years ago: War against war! For the social revolution!

The 28th of July 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, and the 1st of August is the date of entry of the German Empire into the latter. Already since the beginning of the year, the media and society are showing increased interest in the topic. However, the coverage is mainly focused on the course of the war and a superficial review of its causes.

The war didn’t just break loose all of a sudden. It was planned, prepared and realized. In every war, there are certain people, systems and ideologies that profit from hostilities and seek for warfare, be it nationalist and chauvinistic hallucinations of power in parts of the population, or profits of the arms industry, or the regulating function within the states.

While taking a look at the present, we want to work out the differences and similarities in militarism and warfare. Of course, as anarchists, we want to use this anniversary to show that we fight against all forms of militarism, nationalism and capitalism. To achieve peace, the existing conditions must be changed radically.

The antimilitarism campaign in Dortmund will start on Friday the 1st of August with a manifestation at the Katharinentreppen (across the main railroad station) at 6pm. On Saturday and Sunday we will hold several readings, presentations and a workshop (only in German language).

For further information please check our site: krieg-dem-krieg.fda-ifa.org Contact under: kriegdemkrieg AT riseup.net

In German

Source: http://en.contrainfo.espiv.net/2014/07/03/dortmund-germany-antimilitarism-campaign-1-3-august-2014/

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Pink Black Bloc On Helsinki Pride

Pink Black Bloc - Against Racism And Capitalism On Helsinki Pride 2014

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Sam Mbah needs help

Sam’s health has been deteriorating due to a heart condition. He needs an operation on his heart and is seeking to raise the US$12,000 required for the operation.

Jura Books in Australia is helping Sam to fundraise. Please make a donation now – any amount would be appreciated. You can donate from anywhere in the world via the Jura paypal, or by direct transfer into the Jura bank account below if you are in Australia. Please include the reference ‘Sam Mbah’ and email jura[at]jura.org.au to let them know you’ve made the donation. All funds will be sent to Sam in one transfer.

If you are in Sydney, there will also be a fundraising party with music and food: 6pm, Sat 21 June, at Jura (440 Parramatta Road, Petersham).

If you are able to organise fundraising in another part of the world, please let us know via the contact form on this blog.

Australian bank account
Name: Jura Books Libertarian Labour
BSB number: 062193
Account number: 10204881

- Blog administrator

Source: http://sammbah.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/sam-mbah-needs-help/

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Helsinki: Zapatista info at Makamik (Tuesday 20.5.)

The constantly war against Zapatistas autonomous communities has taken the life of many Zapatistas including children, elderly people and pregnant women. The so named low intensity war or dirty war affects the daily struggle to construct Zapatista autonomy. The murder of the Zapatista teacher Jose Luis Solis Lopez (Galeano) is the clear example of the paramilitary siege which has not decrease during all these years. The financial support and the impunity given by the different political parties to conduct this war around autonomous communities in Chiapas, is the clear example to spread fear and destruction of the autonomous movement. The actions taken by the Mexican government since the cease of fire on 1994 which the  (EZLN) the Zapatista Army of National Liberation stop the war and the Mexican army, has not stopped. The repression by different means as the many projects of contra insurrection near the autonomous communities or the caracoles Zapatistas still present in the whole region. The support and training of the different groups settled and transformed into paramilitary fractions is one of the many aggressions suffered this 20 years of the EZLN resistance and the construction of the autonomous movement. Destruction of the infrastructure, Zapatistas killed and the threats to children, woman and men on the autonomous communities is a constant action. By this means the response from the EZLN is not armed not because they do not have weapons, is because they try to avoid the violence between indigenous people and the killing of the same.

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Finland’s “Nyt Saa Riittää! – Enough is Enough!” Protest Against Austerity

The sign says “I’m pissed”.

About one thousand people staged a demonstration in Helsinki, Finland on Friday evening protesting against the activities of the five-party alliance government, particularly the fiscal adjustment decision of cutting expenditures.

Police used pepper spray on people to reinforce their barrier and stop the approach on the parliament building.

Demonstrators brought out a procession from the House of Estates and headed towards Aleksanterinkatu through Mannerheimintie and finally reached the Parliament House.

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Anarchism in Russia

This interview with Mikhail Tsovma was conducted in 2010 for the German book »Von Jakarta bis Johannesburg: Anarchismus weltweit«. Here is the English version, which was first published on Alpine Anarchist.
Many of the best-known anarchist theorists came from Russia but then lived and agitated abroad. Mikhail Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, and Alexander Berkman are just some examples. Can you tell us more about the history of anarchism in Russia?
Yes, that is true – Russia gave us at least two theorists who are considered the founding fathers of classical XIX-century anarchism, Bakunin and Kropotkin. Both of them were significant figures in the European and international anarchist movement, as well as the Russian «liberationist», Populist and anarchist movements. Having emigrated to Western Europe and practically not being able to return to Russia (Bakunin was returned to Russia as a prisoner for over ten years and then escaped to Europe; Kropotkin ran away from prison, left Russia, and returned to Russia many years later, following the revolution of 1917, when he was already an old man, and died there in 1921), they managed to make a valuable contribution to anarchism and socialism, synthesizing various ideas which were earlier elaborated by European socialists and also making their own original contributions. But they exerted a very strong influence on the Russian radical movement in the XIX century (Kropotkin also in the early XX century). It was their experience of living under Russian tyranny that helped shape their anarchist views.
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★★★ Take Back The Night 2014 ★★★ (Helsinki)


We are gathering in Narinkkatori, Kamppi, on Saturday 15th March 2014 to take the night back! Join us on a march against misogynist and racist violence, in solidarity with the Malmö feminists.

Last Saturday night on 8th March nazis armed with knives attacked a group of feminists after Take Back the Night Women’s Day demonstration in Malmö, Sweden. This can’t continue. People face constant harassment and violent attacks because of their gender, sexuality, skin colour, migrant background, disability or other arbitrary reason. We do not accept this. We want to move in the city without being attacked or having to feel threatened.

We will not be disheartened by right wing extremist attacks or threats but continue to claim public spaces for ourselves. Bring your own signs, banderols and lights to light up the night. The streets belong to us!

For feminism and against racism – in Malmö, Helsinki and everywhere.

Antirasismi X: https://www.facebook.com/antirasismix

Varis-verkosto: http://varisverkosto.net/

The following groups and networks are part of the demonstration:

Tulva: http://tulva.fi/

Astra: http://www.astra.fi/

Voima & Fifi: http://fifi.voima.fi/

Into-kustannus: http://www.intokustannus.fi/

Joku raja! -verkosto: http://www.amnesty.fi/kampanjat/joku-raja

Naisjärjestöt Yhteistyössä NYTKIS ry: http://www.nytkis.org/

Naisten Linja, Kvinnolinjen: https://www.naistenlinja.fi/

Seta ry: http://seta.fi/

Rhythms of Resistance Helsinki: https://www.rhythms-of-resistance.org/

Utopia Helsinki: http://utopiahelsinki.wordpress.com/

Peijakas!: http://www.peijakas.net/

Sitoutumaton Vasemmisto: http://sitvasfi.wordpress.com/

Vastakarva: http://vastakarva.wordpress.com/

You are also welcome to join with your own group or organisation. Join by contatcing:


Facebook-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/602648589820059/
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Kimmo Rentola
Karkkilan historia  (1992)

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