"The "state" was substituted for humanity; cosmopolitanism gave away to nationalism. To form the citizen, not the "man", became the aim of education."
John Dewey
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Welcome to Takku!

Takku is a do-it-together media project, that aims, with the power of words, to encourage unmediated and autonomous revolt against the present (self)destructive reality - independent from parties, unions and NGOs.

The purpose of Takku is to generate action, discussion and critique, not create dogmatic ideology. We want to further the grass roots antiauthoritarian activities of free and equal individuals without providing space for those who try to gain power. Hence we will not publish and will remove all racist and sexist shit, promotion of political parties or their youth organisations, as well as all kinds of North Korea and ecofascism hype.

Anyone who agrees with this can participate in creating content by sending pieces of news or anything else that can be published in article form. Articles and news from other media can be sent to the English language discussion forum.

Takku's main purpose is to serve as a news portal and communication channel not only between people who speak the Finnish language but also between those who speak Finnish and (for now, unfortunately only) the English speaking world. However, we encourage you to translate our texts from Finnish (or these English translations) into whatever languages you or your media project speaks.

Ideas for developing the site are very welcome in the English language forum, or by email to kollektiivi (a) takku dot net.

The material published in Takku does not necessarily represent the collective, its individual members, or any social movement or ideology. The published articles represent only their writers and creators, be they anonymous or not.

Anti-copyright. Every picture, sound and piece of text that you might want to use is yours. Use it as you please without asking for permission.

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Helsinki: ABC Helsinki and A-ryhmä present: Folk kitchens in Kupoli on Sundays

Food & snacks at Kupoli!

Helsinki Anarchist Black Cross & A-ryhmä are organizing Kupolin herkku-folk kitchen again! The day is Sunday as always, and our dates are here:

There will be at least coffee, tea, lemonade etc. plus snacks (pastries, buns…). Usually warm food is served, but not always.

The menus will be published separately! Vegan, of course, also we try to get soy- and gluten-free alternatives whenever it’s possible! Food is served around 4pm.

The ABC Sundays offer a place to write letters to prisoners, other activities (such as presentations, infos, films etc.) will be published with time.

For more information, check Kupoli’s blog, H-ABC’s facebook-page & takku.net.

Kupoli is not accessible at all, but maybe we can do something about it?! Kupoli is located at the top floor of Uusi ylioppilastalo, address is Mannerheimintie 5 B (6th floor).

No nazis, no racism, no sexism, no speciesism.





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Helsinki Anarchist Book Fair 24.-25.10.2015

Helsinki Anarchist Book Fair will be held from 24th to 25th of October. As in previous years the program consists of literature, discussions, distros, workshops and other program.

More info coming soon: Varjokirjamessut.wordpress.com

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Sweden, 5 to 12 August: Förvilda-camp in Umeå

What we want is quite simple. We want the concrete to crack up into an ocean of medicinal herbs, to let the clear cuts grow wild and away from the ”sustainable” forest industry, that the psyches of the civilized people, their emotions, realities and everyday life are liberated from the chains of civilized culture, that the oceans are filled with life and not plastics, that our wild friends are let out of their cages, to destroy the scientific objectification which justifies everything from rapes to vivisection, that hierarchies are overthrown, that the air is liberated from its bad breath and so much more.

The challenge is to get there.

Förvilda, meaning ”Rewild” in Swedish, is just a name on what you see every day in the corner of your eye, in the cracked asphalt, in the empty lots, outside your window, in the peepholes of the balaclava or the liberated animals first steps outside the cage,

The Earth is angry and those who feel the Earth feel the same anger. Feel it you too!


The location is, as stated on the Swedish poster, “some empty house”. For more info, visit kolonierna.se/forvilda or email forvilda@riseup.net.

Source: http://en.contrainfo.espiv.net/2015/07/23/sweden-5-to-12-august-forvilda-camp-in-umea/

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Anarchist campaign of internationalist solidarity - Three Bridges

There is the dominion of the powerful states, supranational formations and local governors. There are the inner-sovereign conflicts that feed geopolitical  tension games in the area of the Mediterranean. There are nationalisms that divide the repressed and lead them to killing one another. Local societies are deregulating through polemic interference. In addition there's the barbarity of the religious fundamentalist obscurantism. There is the nexus  of suppression which is weaved by<<terror laws>>,police oppression on the streets , prisons, special conditions of detention, concentration camps for the immigrants. There is the fear of losing your job along with the devaluation of labour that empowers the masters.

However there exists another parallel world. It is the world of revolt.It is the world of resisting people on the streets of the European south. It is the world  the NO TAV movement at the north of Italy and the Halkidiki movement at the greek north, there are the radical outbursts of revolt in Turkey, it is the realization of the democratic autonomy and  resistance  at the Kurdish areas of northern Syria. They are the autonomous fights of the workers struggles. They are the political prisoners and the persecuted social revolutionists. They are the insurgent prisoners and people held captive in concentration camps.It is every person and collective movement that resists and tries to realize a different life on the streets, neighborhoods, work places, schools, universities and agriculture land.

This parallel world can prevent capitalistic barbarity enforcement and religious and nationalistic obscurantism at this crossroad that is called Mediterranean.This parallel world has to, here and now, build bridges of communications, cooperation ,resistance and solidarity.

Demanding all the above, social collectives along with political initiatives start an anarchist campaign of internationalist solidarity naming it THREE BRIDGES:

bridge of solidarity at the European south
bridge of solidarity at the east Mediterranean arc
bridge of solidarity at the Balkan area.

The campaign will unfold through coordinated,common or autonomous actions of the collectives and initiatives that are part of the campaign all through February until October 2015.


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On the International Day of Solidarity with antifascist prisoners, from Finland with Love


Everyone has heard the stories of growing fascism all over the world. Especially the financial crisis in Europe has hit hard on the working class, making the trust in capitalism as a system to sink. For this we see once again how capital, the state and fascist are working together to secure their power in society.
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9th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair, 2015

Balkan Anarchist bookfair is an annual anarchist event that changes location each year.
This year BASK will take place in Autonomous cultural Centre Nigdjezemska in Zadar on 11th and 12th of September, 2015.

Why Zadar ? About the space:

After two years of restoring and cleaning the building in abandoned military barracks, this spring the Autonomous cultural Centre Nigdjezemska opened it’s doors. Nigdjezemska arose out of the missing space in Zadar for people to organize activities like d.i.y gigs, discussion and workshops, movie screenings, freeshop, bicycle repairing, gardening and other activities on self-organized and horizontal level!

Anarchist bookfairs are organized in different cities over the world and open space for discussion and exchange about anarchist topics. The idea of Balkan anarchist bookfair is to connect different anarchist people and groups and to be a weekend, on which we can meet each other, discuss, question, exchange local experiences and struggles and develop perspectives for local and also international resistance.

The bookfair lives through participation and solidarity of different people and groups. Balkan Anarchist Bookfair was first organised in 2003 and since then it happened in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sofia, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Mostar and Zrenjanin, which created solidarity network through the Balkan and beyond.

Please let us know in advance, if you want to do a presentation, discussion, book stall or if you have other suggestions for the weekend! We only have limited sleeping places.

So please let us know in advance if you need a sleeping place (How many are you? Are there any needs that we have to consider choosing your sleeping place?)

We are looking forward to hear from you and welcome your ideas!

Program will be announced closer to the bookfair dates.

Contact: bask2015@riseup.net

INFOSHOP ISKRA / infoshopiskra.blogspot.com

NIGDJEZEMSKA / nigdjezemska.info


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New web publication: The Barbarian Times

The Barbarian Times is a web publication providing timely news and analysis on political situation, revolutionary moments and movements in Greece. The publication is an independent side project of The Barbarian Review.

Follow us in Twitter: @BarbarianTimes

Contact: magazine@riseup.net


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We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn't. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.
Charles Bukowski


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