"The world has lost one of those women it requires. Mexico has lost one of the combative women it needs and we, we have lost a piece of our heart."
Subcomandante Marcos
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Welcome to Takku!

Takku is a do-it-yourself media project, that aims, with the power of words, to encourage unmediated and autonomous revolt against the present (self)destructive (un)reality, independently from parties, unions, and NGOs.

The purpose of Takku is to generate action, discussion and critique, not create dogmatic ideology. We want to strengthen grassroots antiauthoritarian activity of free and equal individuals, and not provide space for those who try to gain power. For this reason we will not publish and will remove all racist and sexist shit, promotion of political parties or their youth organisations, as well as all kinds of North Korea and ecofascism hype.

Anyone who agrees with this can participate in creating content by sending pieces of news or anything else that can be published in article form. Articles and news from other media can be sent to the English language discussion forum.

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Solidarity with the protests in Eidomeni! Freedom of movement through the Balkans for all!

Call for local presence and transnational support!

Solidarity with the protests in Eidomeni!

Freedom of movement through the Balkans for all!

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AFA Stockholm: 13 anti-fascists sentenced to prison – We’ll take the hit together


AFA Stockholm | 21-11-2015

Today we saw the sentencing of 13 anti fascists participating in the protests against the now defunct Swede’s Party in September 2014.

Most of the sentences handed out is relating to participation in a riot, an event the prosecution claimed to be two separate ones as, according to them, the situation calmed down between the disturbances. This allows them to prosecute twice for the same accusation and therefore plead for longer sentences and steeper fines.

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Demonstration against education cuts

Demonstration against education cuts on the 1st of December 2015 at 12 PM

On Tuesday the 1st of December 2015 we invite students and staff from different levels of the education system to a demonstration against government plans to cut from education, research and science.

Participants of the demonstration gather outside their places of study and work around the country at 12 PM and move to appointed locations where the demonstration begins at 1 PM. In Helsinki this location is Senaatintori, meeting points in other cities will be announced later.

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#42: Anarchism in Finland, Global Updates


#42: Anarchism in Finland, Global Updates – In this episode of the Ex-worker, we take another spin around the world, bringing you several short features focusing on various aspects of the global struggle against domination. We’ll share an interview with a Finnish anarchist, who tells us about an anti-nuclear struggle, a university occupation in Helsinki, and the response to refugees in Finland, and how anarchists have taken part in all of these. We’ll also hear statements from two Turkish anarchist collectives about the recent massacre of peace demonstrators in Ankara, Turkey. There’s also an update on repression from the Hambacher Forest occupation, a text from the streets of Santiago analyzing last month’s demonstrations against the anniversary of the coup by dictator Augusto Pinochet, and a report on the hunger strike of anarchist prisoner Evi Statiri in Greece—along with plenty of news, upcoming events, and more.

You can download this and all of our previous episodes online. You can also subscribe in iTunes here or just add the feed URL to your podcast player of choice. Rate us on iTunes and let us know what you think, or send us an email to podcast@crimethinc.com. You can also call us 24 hours a day at 202–59-NOWRK, that is, 202–596–6975.

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Paris: Neither their War, nor their Peace

Neither their War, nor their Peace!

We must annihilate the enemies of the Republic… and strip those who besmirch the French spirit of their nationality.”
Manuels Valls, Prime Minister, 14th of November 2015

If one has to recognize a certain continuity of the French Republic, its for sure the continuity of mass murder. From the State Terror of 1793-1794 which gave birth to the word terrorism to the slaughter of the insurgents of 1848 and those of the Commune of 1871; from the colonisation or the deportation of Jews made possible by prior screening and filing to the massacres of Algerian demonstrators in 1961 in the heart of Paris, all French Republics have massacred without counting so that the powerful might continue to dominate and exploit everyone. The French Republic is a mountain of corpses of which the filth that composes the summit has only be able to stay in place by crushing its true enemies, the rebels and revolutionaries who fought for a world of justice and freedom. The “French spirit”, if this enormous stupidity would ever exist, would be a closet filled up until the point of bursting with voices crying for vengeance against the bourgeois, the politicians, the cops, the soldiers and the priests who have trampled them to establish their power.

Ah, but that’s all rubbish from the past, isn’t it? Do the decades of civil participation, commodity integration and generalised dispossessing really made forget those who still preserved a slightest touch of sensibility that firing randomly into the crowd is not an exclusivity of remote terrorists? That since several years the French State is making its great return on the international scene of state terrorism by multiplying its military attacks in the four corners of the globe (Libya, Mali, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Central Africa, Iraq, Syria)? The pretext changes each time, but the reasons stay the same: to maintain control of strategic resources, to win new markets and influence zones, to preserve its interests against competitors, to avoid that insurrections are transformed into experiments of freedom. And if it was still needed, warnings have been given also to avert the indolent that this war logic will not know any territorial limit: the death of a demonstrator last year in Sivens or the bodies riddled with shrapnel in Notre-Dame-des-Landes and in Montabot recall that the offensive grenades in khaki do not hesitate, also not here, to be launched against crowds as to sow terror.

Because what else is terrorism than randomly hitting the crowd with the aim of preserving or conquering power? A bit like the rich do by killing and mutilating daily millions of people on the job in name of the money generated by their exploitation. A bit like the industrialists and their white collar lackeys do by poisoning durably all life on earth. A bit like all the States do who lock up behind four walls and slowly torture those excluded from their commodity paradises and those who rebelled against their laws. A bit like the grrreat democracies who turned the Mediterranean Sea into a cemetery of thousands of undesirables who did wrong by not having the right piece of paper in their pockets. But the peace of the State and of capitalism comes at this price. The peace of the powerful is war against the dominated, on the inside as well on the outside of their borders.

The 13th of November 2015 in Paris, the rule of the game has been respected. They may call themselves Islamic or Republican, Caliphate or Democracy, a State is a State: an authoritarian power whose mass violence applies to all those who do not bow for their sovereign order. One of the principles of all States is to only recognize subjects. Subjects who have to obey the laws dictated from above, it is to say, the exact contrary of free individuals who can self-organize without being commanded and without commanders. From the bombardments of Dresden and Hiroshima to the villages of Vietnam wiped out with napalm or the cities of Syria wrecked by barrels of TNT, States never hesitated in their dirty wars to sacrifice a part of their own population, or of their competitors. By randomly killing Parisian passersby to punish their State, the small soldiers of Daech did nothing else but reproducing the implacable logic of their adversaries. A terrible logic, as terrible as any state power can be.

The state of emergency is declared in France since yesterday, a measure of internal war of a government who places the country in conformity with its politics of international terrorism, is just a step further in the basic practices of any government, aiming to forcibly normalize life, to its institution codification, to its technological standardization. Because what is the State seeing when looking to the future? Economical cracks, mass unemployment, exhaustion of resources, international military conflicts, civil wars, ecological disasters, exodus of populations… In short, he see an ever more unstable world where the poor are ever more numerous and concentrated, a world sweating despair which is becoming a gigantic powder keg, engulfed by tensions of all kinds (social, identitarian, religious). A world in which the lighting of the smallest spark, whatever it might be, should not be tolerated by an ever more totalitarian democracy. So, just as “civil” is another word for “cop”, the “war on terrorism” means above all the war against all those who are breaking away from the ranks of power. To all the deserters of social pacification, to all the deserters of the wars between the powerful and the authoritarians, lets sabotage the National Unity…

A bad subject,
enemy of the Republic and of all States

Paris, 14th of November 2015

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Helsinki: The streets belong to all of us - No to racism!

[Antirasismi X]

Come and join us for a march against Islamophobia and racism on Saturday 14th of November at 1:30 PM.

During the autumn we have witnessed several demonstrations that have been aimed at demonizing refugees. We have seen the social media become saturated with texts that insult human dignity and provoke hatred. We have been forced to witness the arson attacks against reception centres. Racist talk and acts have already been normalized in society - now it's enough! We want to walk on common streets, without worry about our safety; and it is the fascists that threathen the safety of us all.

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What’s the COP21 ?

It is the 21st United Nations conference on climate change (Copenhagen was the 15th, Kyoto the 3rd to cite only the best known) which will be held in Le Bourget exhibition centre, Paris, from 30th November to 11th December 2015. For two weeks, 40,000 dangerous and irresponsible people from across the whole world will meet to determine which sauce they are going to use to season the climate and save humanity. The objective announced by this " biggest of all times climate conference " is to reach binding agreements on the release of greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollution.

There will the chance to dream up new pollution quotas which the lesser polluters can sell to the biggest polluters (we all know that the atmosphere balances itself out in the end...), to develop the "green" industry, to introduce crazy scientific plans for geo-engineering (modification of the climate by chemical and/or physical processes), and even to produce new labels of green-pollution. Usually, they support the most polluting industries, and all the various ways of destroying the planet, but it seems that this time they are going to put it all right. In other words, it’s as if we gathered a load of Mafiosi in a room and asked them to collectively rap themselves on the knuckles and to be good boys from now on.

Opposing this incredible democratic parody of a world driving on four wheels but constantly checking its exhaust, is "civil society", the heterogeneous mass of associations and political organisations who participate in the end of the year media-political social gathering.

On the one hand we need to exert pressure on decision makers through constant lobbying and on the other, to prick the public conscience, they say. And all this needs to be achieved through benevolent non-violence, an assault on neither goods nor people. Petitions, flash mobs, blockades, demonstrations, alternative villages and acts of civil disobedience are some of the tools that we are told can be used.

The COP21 mobilisation will be a social struggle or it will be nothing

In this muddle, where everyone wants to be able to say they were there, that they too are worried about the climate and the future of humanity, there is nevertheless a gaping hole that all these initiatives have cruelly failed to address : the deficit of a political ratio of power, conflictual social relations. The mere presence of tens of thousands of people saying that they want a greener and brighter future won’t help build a big international social movement which can fundamentally question the capitalist system.

Unfortunately, we’re living in a fool’s paradise if we imagine we can avoid full-on and thus brutal conflict with ultra-liberal governments for whom communities, life, minerals, gases and liquids are all just elements in their economic equations (the dramatic situation of Greece leaves no doubt on this matter - even to save the economy of a small country, there is no authorised room for manoeuvre). No course will be set towards transition when corruption is at the helm of the ship : every " small victory" is in reality only a dishonest compromise and a (badly-)disguised concession. We can win only what we can grab from this system, and not what it grants us. And we can only win it, and keep hold of it, if we can build the necessary balance of power, in terms of numbers, organisation and determination.

In December, if thousands of people converge on Paris, we must seize the opportunity, not to launch a fruitless assault on a heavily-defended Le Bourget or to settle for a traditional symbolic demonstration, but to occupy space on the streets, in the squares, across the city and to build our communal space there - that of a true international social forum. This isn’t about providing a stage for the polished rhetoric of academics and politicians but about creating cracks in the cityscape through which resistance can emerge, a physical and political space where hundreds of struggles can reclaim the streets, express themselves, meet, mingle, enrich each other.
The politicians want to give the impression that they can solve everything with a few days’ worth of fine and fancy words, but we don’t have to buy into this illusion. A counter summit has to be the opportunity to attack, in words and acts, against their deceitful propaganda and to build a real and permanent resistance against their actual policies. Against their economy, which enslaves humanity in its hunger for more goods and new means of production, against the states, in all their forms and whether or not they are supposedly "democratic", which want to monopolise control and keep us all on the outside. If we make do with a mere display of resistance, with a week-long sound and light show for anarchists and activists, we won’t be doing anything more substantial than those we claim to oppose.

The ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes and other struggles against controversial imposed development projects have called for convoys to converge on Paris during the COP 21. These comrades, still too few in number, did not wait for counter summits or fixed dates in their diaries before they took up their fight and their struggle will continue afterwards. In this sense, they show us the way forward.

It may seem difficult to envisage a fight against atmospheric and other kinds of pollution, against the destruction of the environment in general, taking place in a metropolis built essentially, like any metropolis, around the principle of permanent growth in economic output, infrastructure, energy consumption and, therefore, pollution. It might well seem absurd to defend the last remaining corners of agricultural land and forests when the construction of new extensions to this metropolis gobbles up ten times as much every year (about 80,000 ha per annum across France). As food-growing land that is vital for our future is sacrificed on the altar of urbanisation, so are many lives pushed out of the desertified countryside into the city or swallowed up by the latter as it expands. Metropolisation,or competition between cities, leads to irrational spending. The excess of street lights and various means of "securing" and "enhancing" the city do not exactly lead to a checking of energy consumption. In the same way that climate summits are used as fig leaves, "green" housing and prefabricated good-living serve to conceal this profusion. To hide their huge profits, the big developers offer "bread and circuses" to the people in a bid to justify their urban and architectural extravagances.

But the apocalyptic consequences of climate change will spare none of Earth’s inhabitants, whether they live on islands which will be covered by the rising ocean or in the Parisian suburbs. Amongst the population of Paris, there must already be a large number of people who have suffered from, or whose friends and families have suffered from, either the irreparable degradation of their land, or from devastating floods, or from conflicts over water or fossil resources (oil, uranium). We use the term " climate refugees " as if we did not share one and the same planet : we are all climate refugees in the making.

Immigration isn’t just the result of the rising tides or the desertification of certain countries, but before and above everything else the consequence of economic wars waged over the last 50 years in the Middle East,in Asia, in Africa and in Latin America. If capitalism hadn’t picked up where colonialism left off in targeting the resources of so-called "poor"countries, the latter wouldn’t have had to swap political slavery for economic slavery (to the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO and all the other bodies behind the new neoliberal colonialism). Seeing how our rulers are welcoming those currently fleeing war and famine, we can hardly be confident of their hospitality when they are also confronted with the refugees of the disasters which lie ahead.

Fighting climate change can only mean fighting capitalism, of which the massive production of greenhouse gases is just one monstrous aspect. We cannot fight against that which oppresses us on a daily basis at work, in our neighbourhoods and in our class and gender relationships, but close our eyes when our city plays hosts to one of the biggest insults ever to the human race and to life in general.

The industry behind pollution is the same as the one behind exploitation : the same productivist rationale is used to justify the race to the bottom in working conditions as is used to ride roughshod over common sense when it comes to the environment.

The whole of global society is charging blindly forward, justifying human sacrifice in the holy name of economic growth, even though it’s heading for a short-term planetary crash. Red lights are flashing not just for the environment but for the economy : the blinkered pursuit of Progress is going to end in significant regression for the whole of humanity.

We can’t stick with a "not in my backyard" attitude, telling ourselves that all of that is too remote for us to be able to influence, or that the battle will be mainly fought on a local rather than a global level. The struggle starts locally but doesn’t end there. As December draws near, as before any big international political or sporting event, they are socially cleansing the areas around the summit venue, chasing away the poor so that they don’t offend the eyes of the rich and transforming the urban space into a private high-security zone. The Seine-Saint-Denis département is one of the poorest and most heavily polluted in France and it is there that COP21 will be staged, next to Le Bourget private-jet airport. Attendees will be able to fly right in to the conference site and won’t have to encounter either the endless traffic jams which clog up the motorways north of Paris or the high-rise estates and factories which stretch as far as the eye can see.

For miles around there will be no more squats, gypsies, immigrants or anything else typical of an area which is normally is a byword for Parisian precarity. Unfortunately there will be police violence, home evictions and raids. Local and global struggles form part of an indivisible whole of which the sole cause and enemy is the capitalist system.

We must start to act now, as the propaganda machine gears up to "involve civil society" in its massive scam. Let’s collectively set out targets for our rage, work to breach the divide between social and environmental struggles, actively prepare for what we want to happen, for everyone’s dignity, for the story of a crushing defeat for the Fausts of the 21st century.

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