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Welcome to Takku!

Takku is a do-it-together media project, that aims, with the power of words, to encourage unmediated and autonomous revolt against the present (self)destructive reality - independent from parties, unions and NGOs.

The purpose of Takku is to generate action, discussion and critique, not create dogmatic ideology. We want to further the grass roots antiauthoritarian activities of free and equal individuals without providing space for those who try to gain power. Hence we will not publish and will remove all racist and sexist shit, promotion of political parties or their youth organisations, as well as all kinds of North Korea and ecofascism hype.

Anyone who agrees with this can participate in creating content by sending pieces of news or anything else that can be published in article form. Articles and news from other media can be sent to the English language discussion forum.

Takku's main purpose is to serve as a news portal and communication channel not only between people who speak the Finnish language but also between those who speak Finnish and (for now, unfortunately only) the English speaking world. However, we encourage you to translate our texts from Finnish (or these English translations) into whatever languages you or your media project speaks.

Ideas for developing the site are very welcome in the English language forum, or by email to kollektiivi (a) takku dot net.

The material published in Takku does not necessarily represent the collective, its individual members, or any social movement or ideology. The published articles represent only their writers and creators, be they anonymous or not.

Anti-copyright. Every picture, sound and piece of text that you might want to use is yours. Use it as you please without asking for permission.

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Hanhikivi: We are still here - the protest camp stays, Fennovoima fails!

[hyökyaalto 24.6]

For two weeks the Hyökyaalto -network (Rising Tide Finland, that is) and Friends of the Earth -NGO kept up an excessively active period of themed and program filled protest camping at Pyhäjoki protest camp site. This workshop- and direct action filled period ended on 21st of June, but as Fennovoima still continues to destroy the Hanhikivi peninsula's nature, the struggle continues - now more fierce than ever and perhaps even more needed than before!

To emphasize the fact that the protest camp is moving nowhere and enviromental activist engaged in this struggle are as determined as ever, the protesters connected to the cause blocked a digger working at the construction site, on location that's working to erect the fence that aims to close the entire power plant area from any parts of wider audiences. After approximately one hour of blocking one activist was removed from the machine by the law enforcement and taken into custody.

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CALLOUT: July approaches, the eviction threat grows – get yourself to Hanhikivi post-haste!



Fennovoima-Rosatom's nuclear power project is now at a critical point. Fennovoima is supposed to hand over the keys – symbolical and concretical – to Rosatom on the 1st of July. However, Rosatom wants – as agreed – the area without troublesome extra attachments.

Requirements for a police-assisted eviction are however not quite ready yet. The people still holding on to their lands and cottages in the area have been sent a message by Fennovoima, in which is demanded that the last missing cottage-keys be surrendered to the company at the latest on Friday 26th of June. If this does not happen, the issue will proceed to the Distraint Authorities [the authority managing forced collection of debts, taxes, etc.] according to Fennovoima. After that we'll have to see how and with what kind of schedule the Distraint and police authorities sort out the practicalities and the connecting of their respective official powers.

Now is thus the eleventh hour to grab your tents and head towards Hanhikivi! We welcome everyone to the politically hottest beach of this year! As the eviction threat grows for each day as the end of the month approaches, it's of highest importance to make sure that Hanhikivi cape bustles with all sorts of folks.

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Switzerland: International days of action for Marco Camenisch, June 20-22


We are calling for international solidarity actions on June 20-22 for Marco Camenisch who has been continuously incarcerated in Italy and Switzerland since 1991. Marco is an unrepentant green-anarchist revolutionary who has a history of political activism dating back to the 1970s. He was first detained in Switzerland in 1980 for sabotaging an electricity pylon and a power station but managed to escape from custody in 1981. After years on the run he was arrested in 1991 in Italy at a security checkpoint. He remained imprisoned in Italy until 2002. He was convicted among other things for militant direct actions against high voltage power lines. After finishing his sentence in Italy he was then extradited to Switzerland to finish the remainder of his original sentence. He was also convicted and sentenced for the murder of a Swiss border guard in 2002. Marco has repeatedly maintained his innocence of this charge.

Over the past 24 years Marco has kept his political identity. He corresponds with many people around the world, participates in political initiatives and supports the revolutionary process both inside and outside prison. The authorities who are responsible for the decisions relating to Marco’s imprisonment refuse to relax the conditions of his incarceration. Again and again they refuse any steps that would pave the way for his freedom by saying that he represents an ‘ideology that promotes delinquency.’ This argument is constantly repeated by the Zurich Office of Corrections to the courts whenever a decision is required for his case. In other words they will not release him because he is still a left-wing anarchist.

One factor in the debate surrounding Marco is definitely his political identity. The bourgeois state use long term prisoners in struggle like Marco as an example to deter others from political struggle in the same way that they use long term prisoners like Mumia Abu Jamal and Georges Ibrahim Abdallah – they refuse to release them because of their political identities.

There is however another factor relating specifically to Marco’s case and that is the increasing role that forensic psychiatry plays in prisons. While the arguments for denying the release of other long term prisoners are clearly political (the case of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah for example), the Office of Corrections is now dressing the political attack against Marco with psychiatric terms. One thing is clear: A political identity is not something that can be negotiated psychiatrically. Being an anarchist is not a psychological problem!

In the most recent development in Marco’s case, the High Court of Switzerland ordered the Office of Corrections to assess whether any relaxations of the terms of Marco’s incarceration were possible. A major part of this assessment was a ‘risk-oriented sanctions enforcement report’ (ROS) that was conducted by a team of psychiatrists headed by Frank Urbaniok, further evidence of the huge role psychiatry now plays in prisons. As Marco rejects the psychiatric diagnosis of his political identity the ‘experts’ pronounced that it is too much of a risk to ease restrictions of his incarceration or to recommend him for parole.

The report states that because Marco still has firmly held political convictions and is still in regular contact with comrades and supporters outside prison that it was too much of a risk to ease his terms of incarceration or to recommend him for release. The report basically states that the only way Marco will be considered for release will be if he made a complete break from his comrades and support network and if he renounces his political ideology and repents for his past activities.

Marco’s parole date of 2018 is fast approaching. Until then a review will be conducted each year by the Office of Corrections and it’s psychiatrists to assess his possibility of parole. It is extremely likely that unless Marcos renounces his political identity that he will continue to be denied again and again.

We think that is important now more than ever to act in solidarity with Marco! Using diversity of tactics we can combine our struggle on the outside with Marco’s struggle inside!


More info about Marco: HERE (in English and German)

Short documentary about Marco HERE (in German, English, French, Greek & Italian)

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Hanhikivi, Finland: Sabotage of Fennovoimas Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site

received anonymously / Earth First! Newswire

On the night to Monday 8 of June a machine (digger) was sabotaged on the construction site of Fennovoimas planned nuclear power plant. Cables and wires etc. were cut and the windows were smashed. The individuals who made the action on the 8 of june represent themselves and no organisation or network of activists.

The mainstream media first reporting of the attack (newspaper Kaleva) chose to remove focus from the crimes the action was a response to, by instead focusing on the leakage of hydraulic oil in a gravel pit of the [clearcut] area that used to be the forest of Hanhikivi Cape, inhabited by many endangered species. As usual the chosen methods of individuals conducting the action became the focus of attention, and not the massively destructive project of the nuclear power plant itself. What the media calls “vandalism” was a conscious act of sabotage, a method that has always had an important role in the struggle against oppressive systems of exploitation where the interests of corporate power always goes before the needs and existence of local people and nature.

The writing of new laws as the project goes on, giving corporations like Fennovoima the right to forced expropriation of land, shows how far from a democratic process this is and also how laws are made to serve the interests of corporations and not people. The construction of a nuclear power plant is never a democratic process, and decisions concerning these kind[s] of energy systems are made far above the heads of ordinary people.

So far, the channels offered by the so called democratic system [have] not had any effect on the ongoing of the project and the preparation of the construction site for the planned reactor. Emphasis on “planned” – the application for building has not even gone through, and the project lacks the necessary percentage of domestic investors for the application to be approved by the state.

Now is a critical point to show the companies already involved and possible investors that this will be a difficult road to pursue. All
companies, big and small, involved – profiting from the destruction of Hanhikivi Cape and the creation of yet another massive nuclear problem for present and future generations – need to feel that this is not a good idea.

This is only the beginning.

In solidarity with the protest camp of Hanhikivi Cape and with locals resisting forced expropriation.

Source: http://earthfirstjournal.org/

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Call out: Connecting European Struggles, Malmö (Sweden)

Conference 18-20 september 2015

In 2014 the first Connecting European Struggles conference was held in Lund, Sweden and gathered participants from multiple European countries in order to discuss, connect and mobilize around crisis politics. Now we are calling for the 2015 conference, this time in Malmö, which we hope will build on the previous one and be bigger, better and broader.

For the 2015 conference we have decided to highlight gender issues and feminism in crisis, a perspective that has mostly been lacking in many radical analysis and perspectives on our current situation. 

In 2014 we focused a great deal of attention to the issues of austerity in Greece and the development of fascist movements around Europe. The latter point was dramatically underscored with a demonstration during our conference against a Neo-nazi party in the neighboring town of Malmö. During the demonstration the police ran into and over our comrades with horses and armored cars.

During the conference several themes became apparent that we hope to discuss in greater detail this year. This includes the level of authoritarian politics from the “center” of politics, Greece is a clear example of where this development has gone the furthest with repression of people living “on the margins”: the homeless, migrants, poor women. Authoritarian politics go beyond just managing demonstrations or suppressing social unrest but also serve to attack and divide within the social body through media spectacles, police brutality and state repression particularly in fields of migration and social work.

The CES conference takes as its starting point austerity politics within Europe but is not in any way confined to that vague geographical area. For us, crisis in Europe is just a common denominator that shapes European struggles in a fundamental way, but the cross-continental nature of the crisis movements means that we are naturally connected as much to New York as to Paris, as much to Cairo as London, as much to Hong Kong as to Helsinki.

Gender and crisis

The crisis has particular gendered effects that differ in scope and kind across Europe. During the 2014 conference the local presentation focused on healthcare work in the region of the conference. That presentation made it clear that there are Swedish austerity measures. The hospital has had over 20 deaths the last few years, being indicted by government reports as being clearly related to lack of funding that makes proper care impossible. Furthermore, staff at the hospital report never taking breaks, being forced into double shifts, literally running from patient to patient and breaking down into tears daily. This staff is overwhelmingly female and there is a clear connection between their gender and these forms of super exploitation. We’re inviting care workers and activists from around Europe to attend, present and discuss their experiences and strategies of care work!

In many countries fascist and conservative mobilizations have directed themselves away from clearly economical issues (“they’re taking our jobs!”) but instead focused on abortion, gay marriage and to defend the ‘holy family.’ We do not view these developments as incidental but rather part of the nature of fascism: control of women’s bodies through laws, social norms and obligatory heterosexuality. This development has been acute in nations such as Spain, Greece and Poland but is present in various forms all around Europe. Violence in forms of murder, beating and psychological terror against women (and others such as gays) who defy these constrictions are part of the same political movement who demands the cross, the flag and the family. Antifascists, at least in Sweden, has focused a great deal on issues of class and anticapitalist analysis which is of course crucial but misses out on important analysis on the nature of fascism. We’re thus inviting antifascist/antiracist feminists who work with questions concerning struggles for the right to abortion, for LGBTQ-rights and who work against conservatism, nationalism and fascism.

In Sweden the state drugs migrants before putting them in deportation-bound airplanes and deports children, a state program connected to Frontex aligns a specific police task force with finding and deporting migrants. A wave of romani EU-migrants, who’s livelihoods have been destroyed by the crisis in their home country Romania, can be found everywhere begging on the streets and face arson attacks, assault and even murder on a weekly basis. Gender issues are closely entwined with migration, which is another theme we hope to raise. Women migrants and LGBTQ individuals have specific situations that require specific strategies. How can we attempt to intervene on a trans-European level? We began such a discussion on the previous CES conference and we hope that feminist migration activists will present their work in order for us to collectively confront the situation.

We also want to focus on the proactive propaganda of our movements. In Sweden a popular form of agitprop has been feminist comics which are circulated in fanzines, online and in large newspapers. This is one form of using a popular medium to reach a greater amount of people. It’s important for us to focus on the concrete ways in which we spread propaganda. If you’re involved in similar projects we’d love to have you present your work at CES. 

These are of course only the tip of the iceberg of feminist autonomous politics across Europe. We’re looking to create our conference together with the participants. Are you or your group involved in a radical project and want to connect and discuss? Please don’t hesitate to email us and let us know what you’re about.


We view gender as practice, as something that is practically performed day to day and which lies within every social relation. Gender is related to the body and the material in complex ways and combines sexuality, work (paid and unpaid), desire, power and politics. Feminism is politics of liberation that promises us new ways of life. Feminism is not an incidental thing, or a politics of luxury to be performed only when there is nothing better to do. It is a necessary part of any revolutionary politics.

A focus on feminist issues means to look at the crisis in another way, to subtly change our perception to bring out new perspectives. Without a gendered analysis it is impossible to understand social relations as a whole, they permeate bodies, theories, movements and resistance. Crisis politics usually focus on what we want to have in common: being a class or a movement. However, we know from experience that it is never so easy. Structural inequalities divide men and women to different tasks and give these different statuses. Women are to a greater deal employed within the public sector which is often the hardest hit in the crisis, women are tasked with managing both housework and stressful and badly paid jobs and they are overall poorer and have less control of their labor than men.

We’re happy to say that there is a very vibrant Swedish feminist movement which is active in all parts of society and which is seeing some very promising developments. We’re hoping to also develop more radical, autonomous practice and analysis within this movement with our conference. Feminism has a deep critique of representational politics, the nation state and work which is occasionally forgotten in the state-friendly feminism that many parties in Sweden, and indeed the Swedish state itself in some occasions, promote.

Practical information

The conference will be held in Malmö, Sweden the 18th to 20th of September. The specific place will be announced later. Accommodations for free will be available. We hope to be able to pay a majority of trips for organizers of talks, film screenings and similar.

The conference is organized by the autonomous organization Första Linjen which exists in Malmö and Lund. FL is active in questions concerning antiracism/antifascism, mass action, feminism, unemployment, care work and much more.

Contact: forstalinjen@espiv.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/connectingeuropeanstruggles

Tumblr: http://connectingeuropeanstruggles.tumblr.com/

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Sardinia: Anti militarist protest march June 11 2015 (Italy)

Anti militarist protest march STOP THE STAREX DECIMOMANNU Airport

June 11 2015 at 10 am Sardinia

Source: Nobordersard.wordpress.com

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23rd – 28th June 2015


23.–26.6. Workshops, films, parties
27.6. Pink Black Bloc in Helsinki Pride Parade
28.6. Street kitchen


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